Request A Reservation

The Topeka Community Photo Studio is available to all photographers (and videographers) regardless of expertise (amateur to professional) for both commercial and creative use.

For Commercial Use, we are charging $5 per hour with a 3 hour minimum (or $15) of studio time. By "Commercial", we mean that you are charging someone for your time in the studio.  Reservations for Commercial Use are only valid once paid in advance.

For Creative Use, we do not charge a fee.  You can reserve time to shoot family, friends, or just spend some time experimenting with your camera and equipment.  Also, we reserve the right to bump non-paid reservations if one of our studio partners books a paid session during your previous booked session.

We have backdrops, props, costumes, furniture, reflectors and lighting in the studio for all to use.  Or you may bring your own.  All items are for STUDIO USE only, we do not allow them to be taken out of the studio at this time. There is no fee for their use.

Unless by special arrangement, only evening hours (5pm to 11pm) on weekdays and weekends (9am to midnight) are available.  For use prior to 5pm on a weekday, there may be an additional fee as we have to pay someone to be there with you at the studio.

Please use the form below to contact us about booking a reservation. Let us know if it's for commercial or creative use and tell us a little about the shoot.  Please include the time you wish to arrive and how long you'll need.

We may book additional photographers at the same time if they will be using a different part of the studio.

Once your reservation is confirmed, you can use the DONATE menu above to pay the studio fee for a commercial shoot.

If you are charging a fee for your time in the studio, it's a commercial shoot.
Is it commercial or creative? Seniors? Family Portraits? Creative or Experimental? Please let us know what time you would like to arrive.